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Attention; This is a very basic plot summary. Many details are not included and it is intended only to summarize the entire Star Wars saga in short format

Common Star Wars Glossary of Terms

THE JEDI KNIGHTS- An independant order of intergalactic keepers of the Peace.Loyal to the Galactic Senate they are trained users of the Light side of the force and defenders of the Galactic Republic.

The Sith- An order of Dark Side of the Force users. Unlike the Jedi who number in the thousands, the Sith limit themselves to only two at any one time. The Master and his apprentice. Their code is one of a limited partnership. The master agrees to train his apprentice until he feels his powers are close to his own. It is understood that if the master feels his protege is nearing his own levels, he will kill his student and find a new own, it is also understood that the student will when he feels he is nearing his masters level that he will attempt to hill his master and find his own student to train.

The Force- The Force is an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds all things in existence, penetrates them, and binds the galaxy together. It can also be harnessed and used as a tool to provide the user with extra ordinary physical, as well as telepathic capabilities.
There are two aspects of the Force, the light side and the dark side. The light side of the Force is the facet of that energy field aligned with good, benevolence, and healing. The dark side of the Force is the element aligned with fear, hatred, aggression, and malevolence.This side of the Force although seemingly more powerful, is just more tempting to those that can touch upon the power because the emotions needed to harness the dark side do not require self control.
Also the force can only be harnessed by a minority of beings known as "Force-sensitive."

Episodes I, II, and III, chronicle the downfall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire. It is also the story of Anakin Skywalker's rise as a gifted young Jedi and his eventual fall to the Dark Side of the Force.

In the films, Darth Sidious, lord of the Sith (a group long thought extinct and sworn enemy of the Jedi Knights) manipulates the Trade Federation into invading and occupying the planet Naboo. Sidious who concurrently maintains his public identity as Palpatine, a senator in the Republic, and uses the crisis to convince the Senate to elect him Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He then further manipulates the Senate into granting him special powers over the government, by orchestrating the Clone Wars, a conflict between the Republic (which he controls as Chancellor Palpatine) and a Separatist movement (which he controls as his alter ego Darth Sidious). Meanwhile, Anakin Skywalker is discovered by the Jedi and is trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi, but falls in love with Padmé Amidala, queen and later senator of Naboo.The Jedi code forbids romantic attachments so it is a forbidden romance. The two hold a secret wedding at the end of Episode II. During the final days of the Clone Wars, Anakin's wife Padmé becomes pregnant. As the Clone Wars come to an end, Sidious turns Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side by manipulating Anakins fear of his wife's possible death. Anakin, now known as Darth Vader, helps Sidious to wipe out the Jedi. Sidious (as Palpatine) declares himself Emperor and converts the Old Republic into the Galactic Empire. Only 2 Jedi survive the surprise attack, Kenobi and Yoda (the head of the Jedi Council)and they are aided by Padme's close friend Senator Bail Organa who is also King of his planet Alderan. Kenobi hunts down his former student and closest friend and engages him in a lightsaber duel for the ages. Anakin loses all four limbs in the battle and is horribly burned when he is scortched by a river of lava. Kenobi unable to deal a death blow to his old friend and believing Anakin is mortally wounded leaves him to die. The emperor finds him on the verge of death and saves him. Anakin is given robotic limbs and is now forced to wear a special suit which includes a respirator. In the meantime, Padmé gives birth to twins naming them Luke and Leia, but dies during childbirth. Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Senator Organa formulate a plan to hide the children away. Through the force Yoda and Obi Wan are aware Anakin is still alive so they decide to go into exile and hide themselves away until the time is right for them to return. Obi Wan takes Luke to Tatooine to be cared for by his step aunt and uncle, with the intent to watch over him from afar, while Senator Bail Organa takes Leia to Alderaan and raises her with his wife as her adoptive parents. Yoda goes to the jungle planet of Dagobah to await the time when he would be needed.

Episodes IV, V, and VI pick up approximately nineteen years after the events of Episode III, during the Galactic Civil War, a conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, a group of planets who wish to return to the ways of the Old Republic. These films follow the story of Luke Skywalker and Leia, the son and daughter of Anakin and Padme Skywlaker, and their rise in the Rebel movement against the Empire.

These films begin when Leia, now an adopted Princess and a member of the Imperial Senate, sends a plea for help to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke inadvertently intercepts the message and meets Kenobi. We learn that Kenobi's hopes to train the boy had been thwarted when his uncle refused to allow it. After the murder of his aunt and uncle who had raised him by Imperial Stormtroopers, Luke joins the Rebel Alliance. Along the way befriending Chewbacca, and smuggler Han Solo. Luke begins to train with Kenobi for a very short time as they prepare to rescue Leia who has been captured by Vader and the Empire.Kenobi realizing that Luke and his friends are trapped during the rescue attempt, he engages Vader in a 2nd duel to distract him and allow them to escape. Obi Wan sacrifices himself and is killed. A short time later he reappears through the force to Luke and instructs him to find Yoda on Dagobah so he can train him as a Jedi. Luke finds Yoda and asks him to help him to become a Jedi like his father, whom he was led to believe by Kenobi was betrayed and murdered by Darth Vader. When Luke learns the truth that his father is Darth Vader he is profoundly shaken. Despite this, Luke successfully resists the efforts of Vader and the Emperor to turn him to the Dark Side, instead turning his father back to the Light Side of the Force. After a final climactic battle between father and son,a mortally wounded Vader returns to his true identity of Anakin Skywalkers and kills Sidious in an effort to save his son whom is no match for him. At the same time, the Rebel fleet scores a decisive victory against the Empire, by destroying their base the Death Star. The Rebel Alliance's victory and the death of the emperor eventually leads to the end of the Galactic Civil War, the downfall of the Empire, and the formation of the New Republic

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