The Cartoons/Kid's shows of my youth
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Girl's Show's

"Jem and the Holograms"
This was a show based on the story of a girl who had a cover as a fashion designer but was actually a secret super heroine who would transform into "JEM" a rock star who's guitar and earings had special powers

JEM and the Holograms (her band)

"She Ra : The Princess of Power"

Essentially this was a spinoff of He Man. Apparently He Man had a twin sister he'd been seperated from at birth. She was raised on another planet. Eventually He Man learns the truth and finds her and helps her find her own set of powers to fight the evil doers on "Etheria" (her planet) who just happen to be He Man's enemy Skeletors buddies.

She Ra

"My little Pony" this cartoon had virtually no real storyline that I ever remember other than little pretty ponies making people happy

My little pony

"The Popples"

This was really simple. They were a wierd little buncha creatures who could fold into a pouch on their belly into a ball and they lived in the walls and were always tryin not to be seen except by the children who lived in the house who were their friends.

The Popples

"The Carebears" This again falls under the catagory of 'If you dont know what this was you need to come out of the asylum lol


"Strawberry Shortcake"
I have very little memory of the details of this show other than to say it was about her adventures and dealings with the "Peculuar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak"