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Article of the month

Immigration battles Not going away

2006 so far may well be remembered as the year the Great Melting Pot finally cracked. The United States, a nation born on the backs of immigrants who came here to build a new home, has reached a moment of battle. The old guard mostly represented by the decendants of European immigrants have declared war against the new guard hispanic immigrants who have come here with lesser intentions than those of our European ancestors. These "new age immigrants" come here by skirting the legal process, often refusing to assimilate into the American culture.Often they do not pay taxes, and use free government services including education, welfare, and medical care. This contempt for the country they have entered has pitted them in direct conflict with those who's ancestors came to make the nation better as opposed to draining it.
Never the less the nations officials turn a blind eye to this conflict of the masses. They push for even more freedom for the foreign invaders. And in turn the public is growing less and less tolerant of its out of touch leaders. Soon a battle will break out, and then a war. The only thing that can prevent it is the current government finally accepting the will of its populace. To protect the people and nation that put it in power as opposed to the interests of foreign nationals.

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