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Major Political Shift In Top Court Sets The Stage- 2/06

January 31st, 2006 may indeed go down as one of the red letter dates in American political history. With democratic minority failing to organize enough of a united charge amongst itself to filibuster the confirmation of appeals circuit courts Justice Samuel Alito, the weakness of the party was exposed by a lackluster attempt to use legislative manuvering to hold back President Bush's nominee. With Alito's confirmation it swings the court's makeup to what may be a strongly conservative lean for perhaps the next 25 to 30 years. With such cases as Roe vs. Wade and The governments domestic spy agenda no doubt to be raised it has the potential to be a massive conservative victory.

Now the political situation in Washington becomes the main focus issue for the forseeable future as the extremely vile and bitter political war has become entrenched. The democratic and republican confrontation is getting more heated and vengeful as time passes. The "Culture War" predicted by Pat Buchanan at the 1992 Republican Convention has indeed come to fruition. And its getting downright ugly. The democratic congressmen even showed their disdain by openly and mauchingly applauding the Presidents mention of the fall of his social security reform inititive last year. To which he smuggly replied "ITS A PROBLEM THAT'S NOT GOING AWAY"

So again this sets the stage for the upcoming primaries in several states this spring as we prepare for a barnburner of a november 2006 election season. This will no doubt be a bumpy ride, and anyone who has a weak stomach need not watch. Stay tuned........


2006 Set To Be an Active year Politically 1/06

Well a new year has begun and several large questions are looming on the political horizon for the upcoming year. No less than 30 states have election's for governor upcoming. Several including New York, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Florida will be campaigned hard by both parties. These states are all expected to be key factors in the 2008 presidential election. Democtats and Republicans will both be looking to establish a foothold in these areas. New York in particular as it appears that there may be as many as 3 major contenders for their parties nomination coming from that state alone.

Forthcoming as well in 2006 are more than a handfull of

senate races which are intriguing. Republican's are hoping to perhaps gain position in a number of longtime democratic state's such as Maryland, Minnesota and New Jersey whom all have retiring senators. In addition it appears Florida state republicans are planning a massive charge in an attempt to unseat Florida Democrat Bill Nelson.

Also the confirmation hearings of judge Alito to the US Supreme Court appear to be the combustive, showdown type element that liberals and conservatives have been dancing around for a very long time. Now it appears this issue will finally force the all out war that has been brewing for years now. This will not be for the weak of heart, this one is gonna get ugly.

Also we should start slowly getting a clearer picture of the democratic presidential front runners. Hillary Clinton as well as vanquished '04 G.W. Bush foe John Kerry do appear to be gearing up for big pushes to launch campaignes in either late 2006 or very early 2007 in preperation for the primaries.

So let their be no doubt this will be an active political year in the United States. Stay tuned!



Has Christmas become another holiday that has been sucked away from us by the glory of the almighty dollar?

Christmas was in Charles Dickens "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" a day in which both the commercial and private sectors of the population set aside as special. Upon inspection however of the landscape of the modern 24/7, 365 day work year one is saddened to see that the most joyful of holidays has been reduced to the status of just another day at the office. Perhaps what is being unnoticed is that the ideal of the family gathered around the tree or over a glistening ham dinner, or even hustling off to church has been replaced by the buzzing of a cell phone and parents rushing off to the office as soon as the wrapping paper hits the floor. It's a pityful statement on the place that the family really plays in our society no matter what the politically correct blah blah folks are tryin to say about "family friendly workplaces" and the like. Its a shame, Santa Clause can make a run round the world in just one night, Jesus Christ can be born of a Virgin in a manger, and the best our sorry society can offer in response to these ideas is second rate lip service and superficial acknowledgement. SAD. At least old Scrooge could mutter a crusty ol "HUMBUG" when he wanted to show his disinterest in the spirit of the season. But not us. I suppose its gonna take nothing less than the equivalent of old Marley to show up waving his chains to bring us back to respect for the holidays. Hey why not? IT WORKED FOR EBENEZER


Gay marriage all but defeated in United States (11/05)

Before this article even begins there will no doubt be a group of closed minded individuals who will refer to it as "gay bashing" or call it "prejudice" although it is nothing of the sort.

Over the course of the last several years the population of these United States has made it perfectly clear it does not support the concept of "gay marriage." Several states have passed legislation barring this practice.The intelligence of the people has shown through the blurred vision of society portrayed and pushed by the Left Wing. However the left wing has run into a problem it has yet to find a solution to in advancing its agenda. The USA's most powerful voting block at this moment in history is that of the Christian right wing. A block of traditionalist, family centered americans who vote what they believe. And those beliefs are centered on biblical christian morality. Upon investigation christianity has taught that the divine creator instituded marriage as a sacred state, designed for 2 people of opposite sexes to live in. Never before challenged this idea has existed as the same understood concept since recorded history. Time tested, and proven to be the best possible way to create and raise new members of humanity.

With this take on "marriage" in mind it has become very simple for non biased individuals to see that a case for "gay marriage" fails to show logic or respect for natural order in society. Therefore we here at THE RIGHT WAY wish to commend all the states which have enacted family protecting, morality reaffirming legislation to defend the sanctity of the marital union.


Focus on the Family Leader gaining support of American Parents 10/05

Dr. James Dobson, conservative parenting expert and founder of "FOCUS ON THE FAMILY" has been gaining notoriety over the last several years amongst traditional families across the nation. Promoting a basic framework of parental involvement in the affirmative training of children, he has become a powerful voice in the often Liberal world of child rearing. His website has become one of the most popular parenting websites on the web for conservative parents. He has effectively built his own media network from the ground up. Today this network in addition to the website includes a radio program with a daily listenership in excess of 200 million, and a syndicated television program availabe on over 75 stations in the US and is even carried on state television in China.

Although his liberal detractors are quick to label his ideas and program as "authoritarian", they have down little to dampen his appeal to masses of parents.

He has often stated that our current society has become geared towards creating self centered, greedy, impolite youngsters and he is simply trying to show parents how to reverse the trend.

Check back soon !

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