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The Communist UN

Review this evidence that the United Nations is little more than a globalized, Socialist body. Conspiring from its inception to slowly inject communist ideals into the member nations.

Just Look At The Similarity Between The UN and Soviet Symbols




A. The UN's Founders were known Communists

It is basic truth that the personality, purpose, and accomplishments of an organization are highly affected by its leadership, then membership in the United Nations spelled trouble from the start. Of the 17 individuals officially credited by the US State Department as having shaped US policy in the creation of the United Nations, all but one were later identified as secret members of the Communist Party USA

Joining them at the UN's founding conference were 43 members of the ultra influential, ultra pro-socialist, globalist think-tank the Council On Foreign Relations, (6 of the original CFR members had the additional distinction of membership in the Communist Party USA) And, importantly, the UN's first Secretary General and orchestrator of the San Francisco conference which constituted the UN was the man later convicted as being a Soviet agent to the US - Alger Hiss

Following in the footsteps of that unhallowed class of 46, the ideological makeup of the UN's leadership has been constant. In its 54 year history all seven Secretary Generals of the UN have been either dedicated socialists or communists, all 15 of the UN Under-Secretary-Generals for Political and Security Council Affairs (the UN's military boss) have been communists (all but one from the Soviet Union/Russian Federation), and two thirds of the membership in the General Assembly, the Security Council, and in the World Court have always been representatives of socialist and communist nations.

Further, the collection of US employees at the UN have not fared well either. Besides the scandal of having American communists Alger Hiss and company as the creators of the UN, a 1952 official Senate investigation into the then 6 year old United Nations revealed, "extensive evidence indicating that there is today in the UN among the American employees there, the greatest concentration of Communists that this committee has ever encountered." And these were high officials!

Now this brings us to Official UN positions still to this day supported by the UN and pushed as priorities upon it member nations

B. The UN's Charter is the antithesis of the US Constitution. Proporting pure communist ideals.

Its Bill of Rights creates radical new rights to include:

The "right" to medical care, social services, employment security, sick pay, disability pay, old age security pay, and widow's pay.

The "right" for children to possess freedom of thought, conscience, and religion (which has been translated by the World Court to mean the "right" for children not to be raised with religious teachings from their parents, the "right" to look at pornography at will, and the "right" for children to behave as they wish without fear of punishment or discipline by parents.) and the right to privacy (i.e. the "right" for a child to seek an abortion without parental knowledge, and the "right" to travel at will without parental knowledge at any age.)

The "right" for humans to immigrate and receive welfare services in whatever nation they choose reguardless of national laws.

The "right" for all students to learn the "principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

And the "right" for the UN to over rule any and all laws and regulations of any nations contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations

A few interesting facts about the UN you may not know

Not one UN delegate or official is democratically elected by the people of any nation.

The 185 national delegates to the General Assembly don't possess real power. They may only "consider,discuss,advise, or make suggestions to the Security Council (This is a nearly identical arrangement to the meaningless representation the American Colonies suffered under the British Parliament.)

The 15 member nations of the Security Council (5 permanent members and ten rotating) do have the only voting power and all 15 voting representatives are appointed and in no way held in check by election or constitutional constraint.

The UN appears to have three separate branches of government. The General Assembly, The Security Council, (being symbolic of our House and Senate)and the World Court (symbolic of our Supreme Court). Then the Secretary General (symbolic of the President). However, the General Assembly has only advisory powers, the Secretary General is but the chief administrative officer of the UN, who, like the General Assembly, may only "bring to the attention of the Security Council" matters he deems important, while the World Court is subject to the Security Council's absolute veto upon any of its decisions. Thus all powers legislative, executive, and judicial reside in the Security Council, with the five permanent members being the real power center since the non- permanent members serve but two years and lack veto power which resides primarily with the 5 permanent members.

Even more amazingly, in the serious matter of sanctions or war, the General Assembly is even stripped of its petty right to consult with the Security Council, unless the Council "requests" their input


Soviet Dictator Vladimir Lenin in his work "Imperialism and World Economy" predicted a day of capitalistic imperialism wherein a "new social order" would be introduced which under the leadership of "a single world trust," would "swallow up all enterprises and all states without exception."

Under this system, capitalism would move toward a mixture of private capital and social production (That form of socialism called fascism, or state monopoly capitalism). But before this melting of "economic, political,and national" systems finished its job of "world union," he predicted, "imperialism will inevitably explode, and capitalism will turn into its opposite. (communisms)

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